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7 Principles of Great Content Marketing.

In this noisy, over-saturated world of shouty marketing messages, it’s no wonder content marketing is on the top of the to do list for most CMOs.

Machine learning: Google Prediction API.

Things have come a long way since gazing longingly at a crystal ball with the vain hope of predicting the future. Whilst Google can't quite predict the future, they get pretty damn close.
Machine learning: A complex beast, easy to tame.

Part one in a series of posts that show you whilst machine learning may sound big, scary and unknown, it's really not. With the help of a few friendly favs it's not quite the unsurmountable mountain it seems.
Hashtag: Influence. Are vloggers and bloggers part of your social strategy?
The rise of social media personalities through blogging and vlogging has given independence and influence back to content creators. How do brands tap into these popular worlds in a way that does them good, not bad?
How machine learning is being used in web development.
We dip our toes in the vast ocean that is machine learning and understand how we can harness this emerging technology in web developemnt. Red bull cans at the ready - this is going to be a tough one.